Technology Selection

modular-assemblyBiodiesel facilities that made the most sense ten years ago may not still be the most efficient in today’s economy.  The production challenges of the new cheaper feedstocks require careful consideration in the selection of the proper processing technology. Innovative Biofuels can provide a thorough evaluation of your existing system and help identify additional requirements for processing the feedstock of your choice.

Success can only be achieved with adequate feedstock control. Biodiesel plants must be able to process a variety of feedstocks to survive. In most cases this requires the integration of additional processes to the existing technology. Innovative Biofuels, along with their engineering associates E3 Energy Partners, can design, construct and install many processes from feedstock pretreatment to biodiesel distillation to fully optimize your facility.

Pretreatment Processes:

Feedstock Cleaning & Processing

  • Drying
  • De-gumming
  • Bleaching
FFA Conversion

  • Acid esterification
  • Glycerolysis

Production Processes:

Methanol Recovery

  • Biodiesel stream recovery
  • Glycerin stream recovery
Biodiesel Processing

  • Transesterification optimization

Post Production Processes:

Methanol Purification

  • Absorption
  • Distillation
Glycerin Enhancements

  • Glycerin splitting
  • Neutralization
  • Refining
Biodiesel Polishing & Purification    

  • Cold soak
  • Biodiesel distillation

Our team strives to make your facility the most efficient as possible. We focus on lowering operating and maintenance cost through ease of operation and reduced personnel. Innovative Biofuels and E3 Energy Partners have enhanced and optimized many plants from various technology providers around the country and the world.