Missouri Biodiesel Plant Selects Constructor to Modify Processing Equipment and Expand Capacity

(Dexter MO)  In a move to utilize lower cost feedstock, including used cooking oil, the management team at Global Fuels LLC has entered into an agreement with Innovative Biofuels, Inc. of St. Louis to modify the processing components.  The plant enhancements include adding an acid esterification system and a feedstock bleaching system.  When the project has been completed, annual production capacity will be increased from the current 3 mm/gpy to 5mm/gpy.

Global Fuels President Jerry Bagby selected Innovative Biofuels for the project due to a long-standing relationship with the company management team.  IB President Mark Johnston was involved in the initial construction of Global Fuels in 2006.  Johnston built the plant just east of Dexter to convert soybean oil to biodiesel.  Since that time, Global has operated intermittently, due to the fluctuating cost of soy oil.

The decision to add AE allows Global Fuels to utilize lower cost waste vegetable oil and similar feedstocks.  Terms of the project costs were not disclosed.

The project is scheduled for completion in January 2014.