Innovative Biofuels Inc. has vast industrial construction experience. We have been involved in the petrochemical field and specifically the renewable fuels industry for the past 12 years. Since 2005 our primary focus has been biodiesel production. Our success is largely due to the relationships we have developed with our clients, working with the ownership groups from project conception through completion.  Innovative Biofuels had formed a unique alliance with E3 Energy Partners of Seattle, Washington. E3 Energy Partners is one of the top biofuels engineering companies in North America with vast experience in numerous biodiesel facilities in many countries.

We have design-built many plants with various technologies selected specifically for each site, utilizing proven technologies and matching each facility’s feedstocks with the exact process components required to produce the highest quality product.   Whether we design/build your complete facility or integrate a pretreatment process into your existing plant we will completely train all managers and operators and will remain on site until your facility produces ASTM D-6751 specified fuel.


The biodiesel industry grew like a weed in the early years. Facilities populated the landscape from border to border. Nearly all of the plants were designed around the transesterification process to produce biodiesel from soybean oil. As the cost of soybeans skyrocketed to over $15 a bushel the biodiesel industry slowed to a crawl and nearly collapsed. The majority of production facilities were shut down and many sold at auction for 20 to 40 percent of their value.

Today the industry is slowly rebounding and rebuilding. First wave facilities, built to process refined vegetable oils, are adapting to use lower cost feedstocks.  Many facilities are adding pretreatment processes to clean lower cost feedstocks along with post production technologies like a cold soak process or biodiesel distillation to enable to facility to produce the highest grade fuel from most any feedstock.


Innovative Biofuels will assist you in selecting the exact technology, process components and feedstocks to enable your biodiesel facility to be the most efficient.  Innovative Biofuels along with E3 Energy will perform an in depth plant and process evaluation of your facility and customize a process solution for your plant utilizing your choice of feedstock.

We offer a unique approach to turn key construction, utilizing modularization, creating flexibility for installing additional process components during a plant expansion or retrofit. Whether it’s a move to lower cost feedstocks or a higher grade of biodiesel, Innovative Biofuels can integrate specific process components with your existing operation. From adding feedstock bleaching and acid esterification to methanol purification to biodiesel distillation, the increased profits can cover the cost of capital equipment and installation in as little as 12 months.

So whether you’re just beginning the process of due diligence, planning to start construction or retrofitting an existing facility Innovative Biofuels Inc. can offer you many options to help make the most informed decisions and optimize your facility.