• Facility and Process Engineering
  • New Plant Construction
  • Existing Plant Process Enhancements
  • Feedstock and Off-Take Assistance

Welcome to Innovative Biofuels, Inc.

The biodiesel industry is over 15 years old now. From its inception the goal has remained the same – produce homegrown fuel at a profit. The early constructed facilities “first wave plants” were focused on creating biodiesel from refined soybean or other vegetable oils. Shifting economics in recent years have forced these facilities to make a commitment to low cost feed stocks and process enhancements. Innovative Biofeuls shares that commitment. More importantly, our experience, expertise and “innovation” positions us at the forefront of developing customized solutions for the biodiesel industry.

Innovative Biofuels provides you with:

  • Technology Evaluations
  • Process Engineering
  • Plant Process Modifications
  • New Plant Constructions
  • Facility Management Assistance
  • Feedstock & Off-Take Services

Our Partners

E3 Energy Partners

Innovative Biofuels Inc. has formed a unique business relationship with E3 Energy Partners of Seattle, WA. E3 Energy Partners is a consulting engineering firm that has specialized in the biodiesel industry for the past 10 years. With E3 Energy providing the process engineering and Innovative Biofuels bringing 30 years of industrial construction experience … it’s a winning combination.